How Much Cannabis Oil for Dogs?

You know those articles where you have to search and search for the answer to the question the article is suppose to answer? Well not here!

Zero is the answer here. You cannot give your dog cannabis oil, no matter how big or small.

But that’s completely OK because instead, you can give your pup hemp CBD oil, which is pretty much the same thing — expect hemp CBD oilwon’t get your pup high and isn’t toxic in high amounts, so that’s a pretty big difference actually.

And in the spirit of you easily finding your answer, you can skip to the bottom if you want how much CBD oil you should be giving your pets.

Cannabis Oil?

In my opinion, cannabis oil is a bad term and should be done away with. 90% of the time when someone says cannabis oil they are instead referring to oil extracted from marijuana. Marijuana can come from cannabis plants, but so can hemp, and since hemp can’t cause a high and is legal in most places unlike marijuana, it’s important that we don’t mix terms.

Using Hemp CBD Oil Instead

So what is hemp? Hemp is a low-THC variety of the cannabis sativa plant. THC is the chemical substance in marijuana that creates those funny, giggly feelings. While not toxic to grown adults with fully developed brains, THC is dangerous to children and pets — especially dogs, as THC toxicity is possible.

While THC does provide many of those classic medical benefits contributed medical marijuana, it does it in an intrusive way by directly attaching to CB receptors found in the body — this is what actually creates the high.

Fortunately, there are other therapeutic chemical compounds in cannabis like CBD, but they aren’t intrusive like THC and don’t attach to CB receptors. Instead, they protect neurotransmitters the brain creates from breaking down too soon. These neurotransmitters are the guys that are actually supposed to attach to CB receptors and not THC.

So you’re probably wondering what do CB receptors do? When activated they will act as the body’s natural repair and defense system. Both our and our pet’s body have systems in place that are in charge of regulating, stabilizing, and repairing, and CB receptors play a vital role in those processes.

So next time, before you go searching for cannabis oil for dog seizures, look for hemp CBD oil instead. Now, you may find cannabis oil that is hemp oil with no THC, but that most likely won’t be the case the majority of times, so play it safe. So goodbye cannabis oil and hello hemp CBD oil.

Hemp CBD oil Dosage For Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

CBD Forms

With CBD oil promoting natural health let’s take a look at dosing with hemp CBD oil. The easy way to give your dog CBD oil is to purchase CBD oil in a dropper bottle as it’s easy to drop in your pup’s food, on their tongue, and pretty much any way you can think of. When you see CBD dog treats and other CBD products, they just have the oil in them so there is no real difference.

Full Spectrum Vs. Isolate

Next thing to know is you will want to make sure your CBD oil is full spectrum and not CBD isolate. Full spectrum dosage works on a gradual climb, while CBD isolate requires high doses to hit its bell-curve dosage window. There are reasons that humans may want to check out isolate, but with dogs and other pets, full spectrum is almost always more ideal.

Drowsy or Wide Awake

Before we get to our dosages let’s talk about a wired effect of CBD oil. Small doses, going all the way up to medium-high doses, will give your pup a slight boost of energy. For the most part, you should expect this effect when giving dosages for most common medical issues. Now, after you go into large doses — 0.100mg/lb — you may see some drowsiness kick in.

Whenever you look at a dosing chart, insomnia almost always requires a way higher dose compared to anxiety, cancer, pain, inflammation, etc.

Dosing Calculator

Since dogs can have a rather big weight difference it’s trickier figuring out the right dose to give — this is another reason a dropper bottle, where you control the dose, is a great idea.

You can follow this as a general rule:

  • Low — 0.022mg/lb or 0.05/kg
  • Average — 0.68mg/lb or 0.15/kg
  • Strong — .136/b or .30/kg

Don’t what to do the math? Then use this handy calculator instead.

How Much to Give

For preventative health — which CBD oil is great for — feel free to stick lower doses. And starting low is great as well for most medical conditions. For most medical issues, however, CBD oil will work best around average doses, but you’re more than welcome to go higher or lower. Again, when you move to stronger doses expect drowsiness as a potential side effect.

One last thing to consider is CBD oil may affect the metabolization of hepatic drugs (digested in the liver), as such talk to your vet before starting your pup on CBD oil if they are on such drugs. Low doses will most likely not cause an issue, however.

Overall, CBD oil is becoming quite  popular as a way to better improve our pet’s lives because it can help with so many health problems while having few mild side effects.

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how much cannabis oil for dogs - How Much Cannabis Oil for Dogs?

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