Oregon is Producing Cannabis in Excess and it’s a Problem

May 22, 2018, Oregon

Oregon is a legal state and producing more cannabis than its needs. This overproduction is then flowing to other states where the strain remains illegal. Now, a federal US attorney, Billy Williams, is trying to regulate this overproduction. In a memo, he has outlined the unwanted consequences of overproduction in Oregon. 

  • It is leading to increased interstate trafficking and is helping organized crimes to flourish  
  • Overproduction is also making it easier for minors in the state to get pot  
  • With many illegal cannabis farms operating in Oregon, the overproduction is also having its fair share in environmental damage.  

It is important to note that Williams is the first federal official after Jeff Sessions who have openly talked about federal intervention to regulate cannabis operations in the state. He has made it clear that he couldn’t assure blanket immunity to anyone in Oregon who is violating federal laws.  

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Williams prioritized the issue of overproduction when Sessions directed all the respective state attorneys to analyze respective cannabis policies and the situation in the milieu of federal laws. Legal cannabis businesses in the state have shown reserved optimism on Williams’s actions. Brent Kenyon is running a consultancy firm that helps budding entrepreneurs to set up cannabis ventures. Kenyon thinks that the issue of oversupply is real and caused due to unlicensed cannabis operations, which is not good for legal cannabis landscape of the state either. 

He also commends Williams for not exhausting federal resources on twisting and contravening the legal cannabis system of the state. 

Overproduction is Hurting Local Cannabis Business in Oregon 

Aside from federal concerns, overproduction is a serious problem for the locals as well. In Oregon, around one million pounds of cannabis flowers are already stored in the inventory. This overproduction is overwhelming considering the fact that Oregon is one of the least populated state (4.1 million). 

This overproduction of cannabis has affected retail prices of the strain in the state, according to the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis. In last three years, the retail prices are reduced to half, all thanks to the staggering overproduction of cannabis in the state.  

Interstate Trafficking Numbers are yet Unknown 

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Interstate Trafficking Numbers are yet Unknown – Image powered by Merryjane.com

Oregon has over 195 hectares of legal cannabis farms that are making up a one billion market. Of this capital, nearly one-third ends up in the statewide black market. But it hasn’t been estimated how much capital in the form of cannabis is leaving the jurisdiction of Oregon. It is always difficult to find out what the proprietors are doing with all this amount of plant that is in excess of the need for Oregon’s marijuana requirements.  

Here comes the role of federal agencies to regulate, oversee and enforce federal laws to ensure that the overproduction of cannabis is not transforming into an illegal interstate drug trafficking. In coming days, we will get to know what approach William will take to address the issue of overproduction in Oregon in the light of Federal law book.  

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