R4 Aquaponics Systems AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit

An aquaponics system combines two environments in a symbiotic relationship. Aquaculture, the first one, is the raising of fish. Hydroponics, the other one, is the growing of plants without using soil. By integrating, each becomes dependent on the other. Simply, waste from fish serves as organic food for the plants. On the other hand, the plants filter water in the fish tank.

And, anytime there is a system in which people can cultivate plants, it also follows that some can also be used in growing marijuana. One such system is the R4 Aquaponics Systems’ AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit.

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Mutual Benefits

www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com1 1 300x242 f33feaef4f6a48b6eb619b3b81e00cdd24c57573 - R4 Aquaponics Systems AquaBox Complete Aquaponics KitInspired by the Pairadaeza (Old Persian garden design), this living art design brings relaxation right in the growers’ home. It is perfect for those who want to grow discreetly. Not only that but it also produces a fresh breath of air in the growing space.

Its operation is simple. From the tank, a pump circulates the water and along with it are the wastes left by fishes. These serve as nutrients for the marijuana plants.

Meanwhile, plants are natural manufacturers of oxygen and is made accessible to the fishes. At the same time, the plants also filter out ammonia and remove wastes from the water.

The AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit creates a friendly environment for both plants and fishes. Two boxes that serve as homes working together for the greater good of each.

Here are some of the things included in the package:

Custom wood flood table frame
Custom wood 30 Gallon Reservoir frame
Flood table Root Royale Hydro Clay Pebbles
Water Pump
Drain Tube
Fill/Drain Fitting
AquaCycle Aquaponics Fish-less Cycling Kit

Handmade from Clearlake, Northern California, no two systems are exactly alike. Every part of the AquaBox is from renewable pine sources. Apart from being environment-friendly, it also fits in with most house designs.

Who would not want an aquarium and planter box in their homes especially one that relaxes the mood?

Using this system, marijuana buds harvested later are all organic. During its cultivation, less water was put into use. And, best of all, growers can let the ladies grow without the need for more nutrients.

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AquaBox in Growers House

www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com2 1 300x228 64eba7321fcc3606f4a006c578d3f271e16a700d - R4 Aquaponics Systems AquaBox Complete Aquaponics KitHandcrafted items usually cost more than the usual price than machine-made ones. Then again, it is also because of this that allows one AquaBox to be distinct from others.

The R4 Aquaponic Systems’ AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit appeals to people who not only cultivate marijuana plants but also loves to have a collection of fishes. Even if one were not to be that fond of raising fishes, the nature of aquaponics and its inherent benefits are often more than enough to get one started.

At Growers House, the whole set is available for $1,499. Once in a while, though, the company offers a special price for this set at $1,355.72. Best of all, qualified buyers can avail of 6-months installment making it more affordable.

Why buy at Growers House?
The company is owned and operated by a family. Apart from offering a wide range of growing supplies, they are also among the most trusted retailer. Having such an excellent reputation, though, is the result of years of dedication to serving customers well. In fact, the little things and personal attention to detail are what endeared them to customers.

Call them, and instead of the usually automated messages, it is the owners who personally answer and take care of all concerns or inquiries.

www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.comBuy Now 300x100 c8be289f717ee4a3cb99fddd923ef4cc691f649d 8 - R4 Aquaponics Systems AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit

Maximizing Relaxation

www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com3 300x216 85e000c29e0eecacdf7039f10e5c114913db11f1 - R4 Aquaponics Systems AquaBox Complete Aquaponics KitWho would not want to relax at home? By relax, it means watching the fish swim in the tank while smoking weeds harvested from the same system.

Now, because of R4 Aquaponics System, it is possible at a very reasonable price. The AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit makes it easier to do so. No need to buy any extra equipment because they are all included in the kit.

This one also saves them a lot of money. The water used to grow the plants is recycled from the fish tank. Using only about 5% of the amount of water used to water-feed the plants. Also, there is no need to buy nutrients. That would be coming from the wastes of the fish. That makes sure that the plants’ food is 100% organic.

Meanwhile, the fish also gets something from all these. The waste-water from their tank goes up the plants. The plants then filter this water and absorb all the ammonia and excess wastes from it. Then, the water that returns to the fish is all clean, well filtered and oxygenated. Thus, making it all healthy for the fish.

All that’s left for the growers to do is to choose their favorite plants (or weeds) and their favorite fish to maximize their relaxation.

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