Some Takeaways From the Largest North American Cannabis Exhibition

May 30, 2018

Lift and Co, Canada’s leading cannabis platform has recently hosted an exhibition in Metro Toronto Convention Center. The timing of the expo is very opportune since the country is going to implement blanket legalization from July this year. With business landscape getting better and better for cannabis companies, this year’s exhibition can be remembered for several things. There are some takeaways from the expo that we think highlight the whole event. Let’s have a look. 

Brand Launching of Many Adult-use Marijuana Products  

Experts are terming it as a golden age of cannabis in Canada, and rightly so. Some initial estimates have suggested that cannabis legalization will make it a serious competitor of alcohol beverages. Different marijuana business currently dealing in MMJ products only has rightly sensed the opportunity and therefore planned to launch their adult-use brand range.  

Hence this year’s exhibition was decked with recreational marijuana brand launches from different companies. Naturals, CannTrust and Hyrdropothecary were some of the noteworthy cannabis businesses that introduced their recreational brands in the exhibition. 

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Political Community has Embraced Marijuana Legalization  

The exhibition organized by Lift & Co has international reach. So aside from international cannabis ventures, politicians and lawmakers from other countries were also among the attendees of the expo. For instance, minister of science, energy, and technology of Jamaica, Andrew Wheatly was also there. According to Wheatly, his government is proactively supporting and developing the program for the use of medical marijuana. Moreover, Jamaican government is also going to maintain their decriminalization practices for minor cannabis misdemeanors.  

Mayor of Brantford, a city in Southwestern Ontario, also attended the expo the next day. He was very critical of the state government’s regressive model for the implementation of legalization. He was applauded by the crowd when he said that the citizens would handle their marijuana when they can successfully handle their alcohol and gambling. 

Plain-Packaging Has a Future in Cannabis Market  

As we know, plain-packaging is central for tobacco products. But some of the stalls at Lift and Co Expo have suggested that it will be as equally important for cannabis products. Packaging companies displayed plain white boxes with warning signs (of THC and other constituents) that will be in compliance with the provisions of cannabis act. Packaging ventures in the expo were actually trying to grab the attention of cannabis manufacturers.  

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It is also important to mention that the MMJ and recreational stalls all were projecting a very animated look of the products. But it appears that the laws will not allow them to be that graphic-driven with their packaging.  

Health Canada Also Among the Participants  

In past, Health Canada (HC) didn’t attend the Cannabis expo because of the perception that the event was only organized to promote counterculture. However, with blanket legalization on cards, this year’s theme was very much centered on the business facet of upcoming cannabis sector. Therefore, this time around, HC officials didn’t only attend the conference but also served on panels and delivered keynote speeches.  

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