Why Is the White Rhino Considered a Friendly Cannabis Strain for New Breeders?

If you want your weed to help you relieve stress or remove your pains, then you must experience the White Rhino. It is a very fertile weed, which is why it is even suitable for new breeders. Part of its appeal is that White Rhino can be grown in small spaces with minimal effort. On the other hand, experienced breeders can expect good yields from even a small investment in premium White Rhino seeds.

Its name, effects, and growth pattern point to its Indica-dominant parentage. White Rhino has an unknown Indica lineage, but it is approximately 80% Indica-dominant. The top of this strain resembles the rhino’s horn, hence its name.

Characteristics and Effects
The subtlety of White Rhino is not precisely characterized. It has approximately 18% to 22% THC, which is quite sufficient to crush your pains. Before the knockout blow hits you, it will take you on a good high for some time. Therefore, new puffers will need to go easy on the dosage, at least until they become more familiar with this strain.

why is the white rhino considered a friendly cannabis strain for new breeders - Why Is the White Rhino Considered a Friendly Cannabis Strain for New Breeders?Once the White Rhino starts working on your mind, the high becomes much clearer, thereby giving you a refreshing and happy feel. When the high subsides, you gently slide into the body stone state, which is typical of most Indica breeds. This is when you will feel the numbing effects where the physical pains and aches will disappear. In addition to using it to chill out or for recreational purposes, it can also be used to cope with medical and emotional issues like stress and insomnia.

The characteristics of White Rhino make it great for evening smokes, or before going to sleep. However, if you plan to use it in bed, you must ensure your safety. Put out the joint and dispose of it carefully before falling asleep. You wouldn’t want to wake up with your mattress burning. To be on the safe side, you could also use a vaporizer.

However, the flavors of White Rhino will surprise you, which is a contrast in comparison to its strength. Its taste is really floral and sweet, with an earthy base note. Some people even experience a hint of pine. The aroma is balanced nicely, with sweet top notes, against the woody and earthy base notes.

Growing White Rhino
Breeders find White Rhino appealing because it is a potent strain with the ability to produce voluminous yields. Moreover, it needs little care and attention. In general, this strain enjoys sunlight, so it can be successfully grown outdoors. Its harvest time is in the first weeks of October, which also makes it suitable for growing outdoors.

White Rhino can even be grown in greenhouses or indoors because its height is reasonably compact [1 to 2 meters]. It is even responsive to plant training. So people in the far north can take advantage of growing it in greenhouses, where the plant gets the necessary sunlight and protection against the incoming frost.

White Rhino can also be grown during the summer, but the yield will be large enough to last you for the whole year. Indoor breeders can expect to get 500g/m, whereas outdoor growers can enjoy the bountiful yield of 650g/pp.

White Rhino plants are very strong and tolerant. They can endure moisture and show good resistance to temperature variations and molds. Even if something goes wrong with your plants, the possibility of losing the entire harvest is very unlikely.

Within 55 to 65 days after planting, the White Rhino plant will start flowering. The buds are large, dense, sticky, and covered with a heavy amount of whitish THC crystals. It is a good thing, but you will need a grinder to break open those hard buds.
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why is the white rhino considered a friendly cannabis strain for new breeders - Why Is the White Rhino Considered a Friendly Cannabis Strain for New Breeders?

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