Two Stoned Birds Is a new player in the game, Online Headshops have been around since we can remember, just ask Tommy Chong, however as of lately with the changing of laws regarding Marijuana there is a bit more demand, some people may not know where to find the best pieces Online, and if you go to a retailer you are bound to pay an arm and a lung. So that’s where our idea came in to help the stoner community by finding the most Epic, Gnarly, Filthy, Radical, AWESOME Pieces!! Add them all to one location and keep it cool, our Buy Buttons do link to our Affiliates, whom are listed in the Affiliate Section. Keep in mind we are a re-seller and all complaints or issues will have to be dealt with by the Sellers themselves, Respectively. — On another note we do not only hope to Achieve clout as a Headshop of sorts, but also a place for Growers, Smokers, and people of all interests may congregate via a Private Forum. We look forward to your use of our site, kick your shoes off dude.. Hit a Doobie, crank some tunes! Peace! — Two Stoned Birds